Concert by Said Mesnaoui and Transe Gnawa Fusion.

Saturday, June 08, 2019.

Dear Friends Concert by Said Mesnaoui and Transe Gnawa Fusion.

Date : Saturday, June 08, 2019 at 8pm.
Location : Au Resto, Bar La Belle Maison.
Admission : 10€.
Adrdess : 24, rue Malmaison. 93170. Bagnolet. Metro: Gallieni(Ligne:3)

It is 5 minutes walk from the metro, when you get out of the metro it is straight there is the Shopping Centre Bel Est Magasin Auchan behind the Centre you take Avenue du Général de Gaulle straight ahead there is a roundabout, continue straight on SADI CARNOT street, you turn right on the 1st street it is Nelson Mandela Square opposite it is Malmaison street the bar is located there.
I invite you to come and experience an exceptional concert with a Transe Gnawa Fusion sound. Come and experience the magic of Moroccan rhythms in fusion.

Musicians :
  • Said MESNAOUI : Singing, Hajhouj, Percussion
  • Martin Mayer : Drums
  • Joseph Robinne : keyboard
  • Aurélien Barbolosi : Low
  • Mohamed Alaoui : Choir, Qraqueb, Percussion
  • As well as other guests

For the reservation of the restaurant contact by email :

Mathieu :

See you Saturday, June 08, 2019. /