A message of Peace and Hope to all cultures

Said Mesnaoui

Coming from an environment where there are many musicians, Saïd Mesnaoui grew up respecting tradition. He soon learned the music of his Gnawa ancestors by mastering the hajouj, a traditional three-stringed instrument with a deep and melodious sound. A humanist, his music is above all an opening to the world..

His projects reflect his desire to bring together different musical universes: rock, jazz, blues, reggae and Moroccan rhythms (Ghiwane, Sahrawi, Berber and Gnawa) and various cultures (Canadian, Moroccan and French).

Come and discover his universe: a Gnawa fusion made of spontaneity and musical experimentations. His speech and songs promote peace, sharing and hope.




  • Wake-up
  • Délivre-Nous De Leur Époque
  • Ma Transe
  • Où Te Situer
  • Que Leur Dire Sinon Bravo
  • Pitié De Ce Qui Nous Arrive
  • Ce N'est Qu'une Parole Creuse
  • Que de Fois J'appelle Frère

The Mountain


  • Assalama
  • The Mountain
  • Ghaddar
  • Farhatte Assalam
  • Baba Mimoun (Intro)
  • Baba Mimoun
  • Madari
  • Hajhouj